When should I talk to a mortgage broker?

…Thinking of buying your first home in the next few years? This is the best time to speak to a Mortgage Broker. They can help you plan out your finances so that when you’re ready to buy you have everything in place to be eligible for a loan.


Which bank will be right for me?

…we’ll go through a series of questions to work out which banks offer the best solutions for you.


How do I find the right home loan for my needs?

…there’s a lot of questions that we ask, get a better understanding of what the client wants, and with a panel of 30 different lenders, we can find the right loan that meets their circumstances.

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How do I pay my mortgage off faster?

…you can have your loan reviewed every two to four years, just to see what the interest rate is, how it compares to current products, and you might want to refinance your loan.

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What's the most important aspect of a home loan?

…getting the right loan, the right structure of loan, that meets your personal needs is more important than the absolute best rate.


What does a conveyancer do?

…a conveyancer will ensure you settle on time, that you look a the section 32 and help you understand it.


What is an offset account?

…it’s a more tax-effective way of investing your money these days, rather than earning two percent in a savings account, you can offset your loan on your mortgage to the tune of four percent.

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I'm not happy with my current loan. Can I change bank?

…Yes. A very simple process commonly known as refinancing… I would recommend that you look at this every two to four years. The process is fairly straight-forward if you are on a variable loan. To make it even easier, a lot of the larger banks offer incentives to switch. The offer what’s called a refi or refinance rebate.


Fixed vs variable rate loans?

…if you’re purchasing a property for the first time, investing or taking out a loan… you really need to understand the benefits that fixed or variable interest rates can have.


Environmental sustainability and my mortgage?

…if you’re passionate about the future of our environment you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you can choose a mortgage through a bank that doesn’t invest in or finance investment in fossil fuels.


How important is customer service?

…I treat all my customers as if they were my most important customers because to me, they are.


Why do you help so many first home buyers?

…we are passionate about helping with the dream of home ownership. And often customers are closer than they realise to buying that dream home.

Can you help with recommendations to a conveyancer? A buyers advocate? A financial planner? An accountant? A vendors advocate?

…yes, we know many excellent like minded professionals who can assist.

Why would I refinance?

…sometimes just to get a better rate – but that opens up the possibility of reducing the length of the loan. Also to help consolidate debt which may include personal loans and credit card debts on high interest rates!

Do I need to disclose all of my financial details?

…Yes, compliance is critical and we are governed by the NCCP Act.

Where do we meet?

…our office is located at Level 1, Unit 15/21 Sabre Drive, Port Melbourne though there are occasions where we use Facetime or Skype should an office meeting not be convenient.

What if a better deal comes up in the market?

…we keep in touch regularly and keep an eye out for better options for you. But if you see something in the market of interest, just give us a call.

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