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What does a Mortgage Broker do?

Are you unsure why you’d need a Mortgage Broker? Do you know what a Mortgage Broker does to help you when you’re purchasing a home, upgrading or investing in property? Simon explains.

Why use a mortgage broker?

We have access to over 30 lenders and provide you with options, not just the loan options that one bank has. Plus we do most of the work for you and will discuss different loan structures with you.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our customer service and keep in touch with you even after we have helped with the loan.

Why would I refinance?

Sometimes just to get a better rate but that opens up the possibility of reducing the length of the loan. Also to help consolidate debt which may include personal loans and credit card debts on high interest rates!

Where do we meet?

Our office is located at Level 1, Unit 15/21 Sabre Drive, Port Melbourne though there are occasions where we use Facetime or Skype should an office meeting not be convenient.

Do I need to disclose all of my financial details?

Yes, compliance is critical and we are governed by the NCCP Act.

Can you help with recommendations to a conveyancer? A buyer’s advocate? A financial planner? An accountant? A vendor’s advocate?

Yes, we know many excellent like minded professionals who can assist.

Can I talk to you even though I am not buying for a year?

Absolutely. We will give you ideas on how to get there faster as well.

Why do you help so many first home buyers?

We are passionate about helping with the dream of home ownership. And often customers are closer than they realise to buying that dream home.

What happens if a better deal comes up in the market?

We keep in touch regularly and keep an eye out for better options for you. But if you see something in the market of interest, just give us a call.

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